019: When To Take Your Dream Full Time & Favorite Gear with Sam Hurd

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Going Full Time with Photography

Are you thinking of going full time in your photography business? Have you taken the steps needed to make the leap? 

In today’s the Bearded Tog podcast, I talk with Sam Hurd about how he went from working a day job in DC to being a full-time wedding photographer and industry educator, and what his advice is for others trying to decide of the time is right to transition. 

Sam and I also talk about his favorite camera gear is right now. Join us for this fun conversation! 

Sam Hurds Tips on Going Full Time with Your Photography Business

  • Never get used to having dual incomes. As he was growing his photography business while working his regular job, Sam put the extra income money into a roth ira, so that when he left his day job, it wouldn’t be a sudden drop in income and lifestyle. 
  • When determining how many wedding bookings he needed to survive, he broke it down to “How many weddings at my base package do I need?” If he hits that each year, he’s good to go. 
  • The truth is, charging only $2,000 per wedding isn’t going to cut it if you want to support a family. It feels like a light of money when you are young, but you need to look into the future and the sustainability of yourself and your business. 
  • It’s easy to get stuck trying to do the same thing as everyone else. Sam says to look at what the top photographer in yoru market is doing, and do the opposite of that. 
  • Doing something more deliberate, directed, and thoughtful will appeal to less people because you a developing a niche. Fewer people may like your work, but the goal is that the people who do will be way more excited about working with you. 
  • When trying to decide how to grow your business, focus on the things that’ll make you the strongest as soon as possible.

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