044: How To Make Your Business Last with Mike Morby

Making Your Photography Business Last with Mike Morby on the Bearded Tog

Make Your Business Last

Are you wanting to make your business last for the long term? What steps do you need to take to make that dream a reality?

In this episode of The Bearded Tog Podcast I talk with one of my personal heroes, Mike Morby of Morby Photography. He runs a thriving wedding photography business with multiple associate photographers and assistants. His Business Workshop was the first workshop or education I ever paid money for. It changed my business forever and I’m excited to have him on the podcast!

Mike & I chat about vendor and venue relationships, company associates, and, most importantly, the WHY of how he manages his business.

Mike’s Takeaways

    • Every wedding is a chance to build new relationships. Take the time to connect with the vendors and involve them in what you are doing on the day. 
    • Don’t make the day harder for other vendors just to get a cool photo you want of the couple at sunset. 


  • Longevity in this industry comes through relationships. 


    • In your business, you hope to have clients who are natural salespeople and connectors. The salespeople will promote your services to others, and the connectors will have lots of friends who may see your work when they share it. 
    • When you are hiring associates you have to remember that nobody is going to do the job perfectly on day one. Take the time to invest and train good people. 


  • Don’t outsource right away. First get good at the things you want to outsource, so you can hand it off with full knowledge on how you want it done.


  • Don’t give your associates or assiants too many things to learn at once, or it’ll be too much for the brain to grasp and remember. Focus on only one or two things to work on or improve, and add more after they achieve those. 

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