052: Hustling as a Single Mom with Tiffany Tolliver

August 29, 2018

Hustling as a Single Mom with Tiffany Tolliver

Hustling as a Single Mom

Running your own business as a single parent can be challenging, but Tiffany Tolliver of The Emma Rose Agency does it every day and her company is thriving!  Hustling as a single mom is tough, but there’s ways to make it work!

In this episode, I talk with Tiffany about hustling as a single mom and her decision to move across the country to follow her dreams.  We also talk about what branding really means, and what to do to make your business an authentic one.


Tiffany’s Takeaways on Hustling as a Single Mom

  • The work you need to do on your branding is not sexy. You have to learn about what your clients are looking for, and what your competition is doing vs what you’re doing.
  • Branding isn’t an overnight process. Tiffany takes her clients through a four-month process because you have to experiment with your new branding and see what brings in leads.
  • Finding an ideal client has more to do with fulfilling something internally for the creative than just finding people who like your work and pay you.
  • You’re only the best fit for a client if you fit into their budget and their life.
  • You have to identify and design a client that will fit into the price point that you are charging for what they need
  • Take notes from big companies and brands. They have whole departments that do research on your as a customer and how to make you spend more money.
  • As a business owner, you must interview and do research on the people you would like to serve. Tiffany reached out to and asked questions of people that fit what she pictured of her ideal client. She asked them about their branding experiences in the past, what they would look for in the future, and what price they were wanting to pay.

Tips on Hustling as a Single Mom

  • To run her business while hustling as a single mom, Tiffany just does her best day by day and is okay with asking her daughter to be quiet during phone calls or working times because the work she is doing benefits both of them.
  • When Tiffany works with her branding clients who aren’t sure what they want, she has them answer these questions: “Why did you start this business, and what do you want from it?” This question helps her learn more about the heart of the business owner and their passion.
  • What you did to grow your business in year one won’t propel you in year two. The world changes, the economy changes and you change.
  • Branding is the perception of you by others and how they describe you to the world.
  • A pretty website doesn’t grow your business alone. Your processes have to be top notch as well.
  • An exercise to do is to go through your reviews and take notice of whenever the clients say you made them feel something. See if those words match how you want to make your clients feel.

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