067: Winter Is Coming

December 26, 2018

What to do in the slow season with Adam Mason

Winter is Coming

Every year at this time of year, as the bookings slow down and the days are short, I reflect on the past year and I get struck with  irrational feelings of “I’m not good enough” and “Did I do anything this year that matters?”.  Winter is coming, are you ready?

My goal of The Bearded Tog is to talk about more than just marketing strategies and how to get clients. I want to talk about important topics. 

A lot of creatives get into this mode of anxiety and depression during winter. Even though winter is coming, you can push through and succeed.  If you are feeling like you didn’t do enough, or aren’t sure if you matter, I want to tell you these truths:

Remember to Push Through when Winter is Coming

Winter is coming, but YOU ARE ENOUGH

You matter as a person. Your worth has nothing to do with how many dollars, likes, or diamonds you receive.

Winter is coming, but YOU CAN DO IT

It might take a lot of hard work, and it might be a long time before you see the fruit of your labor, but it is possible. 


Keep going! If you feel like you need help and an extra eye, please feel free to reach out to me either on Patreon, or an Instagram DM. It’s sometimes helpful to have a stranger look at your work and give you an outside perspective.

YOU ARE AWESOME AND SO COOL – Winter is coming, but so are the good times!

Really, you are!

Thank you so much for listening, and I hope this encourages you!

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