086: Mastering Elopement Photography with Maddie Mae

mastering elopement photography with maddie mae

Mastering Elopement Photography with Maddie Mae

If you think you know about elopement photography, think again.

Weddings for Maddie Mae and her Adventure Instead team look much different than they used to look when they were building their business. Maddie’s traded huge receptions and Pinterest boards for authentic and intimate true occasions in the most incredibly scenic places of Earth. If you’re into adventure, this one’s for you.

Tips for Mastering Elopement Photography with Maddie Mae

  • When Maddie discovered elopements, she realized that was what she deeply cared about.  Because they don’t have 100 other people cheering them on, she loves being that person to celebrate them.
  • Families can be really sensitive, complicated, or even have traumatic pasts.  Eloping allows the day to be just about the couple and exactly what they want.
  • Every couple deserves to have a wedding day that they want.
  • The intention of the people who are at a wedding effect the vibe of a day.  There’s no line of people that “equals wedding” or “equals elopement”.  Maddie Mae believes it’s about the intention of the day and the people who are here.
  • Because Maddie Mae used to shoot large weddings, she had a transition year into exclusively photographing elopements and intimate weddings.
  • Until Maddie Mae had the demand to start turning down big weddings, she did do a combination of larger weddings and elopements.  On her Instagram, she showed what she wanted to shoot, which was elopements.
  • Adventure Instead came from Maddie Mae’s desire to serve more couples when she reached absolute capacity.
  • Couples are looking for an experience, not just great photos.  Work alone is not what brings you success, it is the passion and service you provide.
  • Every single part of the Adventure Instead experience is identical no matter who you’re working with.  With associates, you don’t want people to feel like they’re getting the “B-Team”.

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