097: Authentic Client Experiences with Joe Tobiason

March 18, 2020

authentic client experiences joe tobiason

Authentic Client Experiences with Joe Tobiason

How do you connect with your clients beyond just taking great photos?  How do you make each touchpoint with your clients authentic client experiences?

Seattle photographer Joe Tobiason talks authentic client experiences.

Joe on Authentic Client Experiences

  • Get to know your clients before hand.  Find out who your clients are.  Find little moments that allow your couples to be yourself.
  • The camera can take away intimacy – it’s your job to take authentic moments and make them look just a little bit better.
  • Your weddings can look different and that’s okay.  Tell the story of each individual day.
  • Can you love people well, and are you paying your bills?
  • When you first start, take a LOT of photos.  Have fun, and find people who are having fun and capture them.  Just start doing and learn down the road.
  • It’s okay to just get started!  Trial and error is so important in finding yourself as a photographer.
  • Take your time, do your testing, and continue to get better.
  • Hit all of the senses – Joe starts his USB deliveries with a slideshow.
  • Every single part of your client experience leads up to the satisfaction of your clients.
  • Joe delivers a USB and an online gallery for a final touch.  This allows them to slow down and remember the day.
  • Do you want your last touch point with a client to be an email?
  • The photographer has the chance to be the favorite vendor on a wedding day, and should be!
  • Inside jokes are a good sign!  You want your clients to have fun with you and trust you.

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