099: Terri Baskin on Wedding Vendor Relationships

April 1, 2020

terri baskin on vendor relationships

Terri Baskin on Wedding Vendor Relationships

Are you hoping to connect with other vendors in your area?  Why are wedding vendor relationships important?

DC wedding photographer Terri Baskin is an expert on cultivating wedding vendor relationships.

Learning from Terri

  • A wedding day is not the best place for a less experienced photographer to learn.  If you want to “pick someone’s brain”, consider investing in education.
  • When you’re a second shooter, you are there to serve the photographer, not yourself.
  • Because the main photographer has to count on their shooters to be ready to take over in an emergency, you have to understand that they need you to be at a certain level to work with them on a wedding day.
  • Figure out what you like and hone in on it.  Find 5 heroes and don’t copy, but learn from them.

Wedding Vendor Relationships

  • Consider meeting up with other vendors just to work together over coffee.  Entrepreneurship can be lonely!
  • Tag everyone you know about that was a part of the wedding day on Instagram!  All it can do is create more relationships and connections.
  • When you start a referral network, you get to work with people you love and you also get to build each other’s businesses.
  • Knowing that your favorite vendors are involved creates less work for you.  Because you know that the other vendors are dependable, it takes some pressure and nerves away.
  • Introduce yourself to vendors when you arrive to a wedding day.
  • Find great vendors who keep the timeline on time.
  • Focus on getting personal on wedding days – behind the scenes and letting your audience get to know you is important!

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