127: Connecting Deeper with Your Wedding Couples Featuring Katy Weaver

October 21, 2020

connecting deeper with your wedding couples katy weaver

Connecting Deeper with Your Wedding Couples

Connecting deeper with your wedding couples allows you to not only add meaning to your life and business, but also become a better photographer!  Katy Weaver went to school in Oregon and went full time with photography directly from school.  After growing up in the outdoors, she developed a love for shooting outside.  After starting out wanting to be a fashion photographer, Katy started shooting weddings after working for the newspaper and being asked by a friend to shoot weddings with them.  Although she wasn’t sure if she loved weddings at first, things turned around and she has been a full-time wedding photographer since.  She moved from second shooting to booking her own weddings, and realized her heart was more in weddings than what she thought corporate photography was.

  • You can deep dive and really get to know your couples in order to connect with them.
  • Families and friendships can really help you understand a couple and what their wedding day will look like.
  • Joy is harder to come by in 2020, and weddings are really important to couples and to families and friends this year especially!
  • You don’t have to be pushy or pry, but people love to talk about themselves.
  • If your couple keeps making it through little filters, then by the time they talk with you, they know what to expect.
  • Connecting deeper with your wedding couples can change your life, business, and the lives of others!

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