2022 in Photos

January 5, 2023

It feels almost surreal to be writing a post with over 100 images from 2022. I’m not one to take this job for granted, and am always the one saying to my wife Sara “I’m just doing this until I have to get a real job”. With the last two years being some of the hardest ever in my professional and personal lives, there were moments when I wasn’t sure Mason Photography would make it alive.

Then enter 2022. This past year was such a breath of fresh air. Aside from shooting a normal amount of weddings (37), I felt like my clients and I were more in-tune than ever with the process of creating images that look and feel like them. That makes the job easier, when the clients turn into friends, that is even better!

I know you’ve seen most of this news over on Instagram, but here are some quick and fun highlights from this year:

  • Shot our first Boudoir Marathon (and all the folks love their images!)!
  • My son Alexander was born and is crazy cute!
  • Hired Katherine to the Mason Photography team to take on more weddings and serve our couples better!
  • Visited Iceland for the 10th time!
  • Shot in the Bahamas again
  • We moved! This will help us expand into Philadelphia and New York City
  • Shot a wedding on a yacht 🤯
  • Started training for a sprint triathlon (my race is in August!)
  • Bought two new cars (Sort of! One was totaled sadly)
  • And spent more time making family out of friends

Overall, this year was a lot (being a parent is crazy) but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. This was a good year, and I can’t believe we get to do this again in 2023! If you want to see more of these weddings, the BLOG is where it’s at! Also, I’m already almost fully booked so Katherine will be booking even more!

Shout out to the team of amazing folks who helped out this year as lead photographers and/or second photographers!: Eric Lee, Jamal McKenzie, Kyla Jeanette, Katherine Callahan, Anthony Poff, Margaret Wroblewski, and Demetric Blyther! Thanks for everything!

Now, onto some of my favorite photos from this past year!