Nick Welsh and Motorcycle in Washington DC

July 7, 2014

We’ve been doing a lot more fun kinds of portraits here at Mason Photography. Our last ones were Jessica in the Rain and Mark Batterson’s. Check those out!

Last week I got together with my friend Nick to take a few photos of him and his new motorcycle. It’s a sweet blacked out Honda but someone doesn’t have their license yet, and so we resorted to shooting in the alley behind Nick’s house.

washington-dc-commercial-photographer-creative-modern-portrait-motorcycle-1 washington-dc-commercial-photographer-creative-modern-portrait-motorcycle-3 washington-dc-commercial-photographer-creative-modern-portrait-motorcycle-4 washington-dc-commercial-photographer-creative-modern-portrait-motorcycle-5 washington-dc-commercial-photographer-creative-modern-portrait-motorcycle-6 washington-dc-commercial-photographer-creative-modern-portrait-motorcycle-7 washington-dc-commercial-photographer-creative-modern-portrait-motorcycle-8