Country Loft Wedding: Adam & Alicia’s Wedding Video

July 15, 2013

I met Alicia through my second wedding ever which was KATIE & TY’s WEDDING when she was a bridesmaid (or so I thought). I’m nervous, filming good friends of mine on the biggest day of their lives and this stranger I’ve never met says “What Aperture are you shooting at?”. Startled, I attempted to mutter “Uh… 1.8, I think”. “Ok good!” she said and then puzzled I left the room to go film some other moments. Come to find out, she was not only serving her good friend Katie as a bridesmaid, she was also the photographer of the wedding! It made for some hilarious stories and I got to meet Adam as well (who has a great name!). Who knew that 3 years later I’d be filming their wedding?

Adam and Alicia’s awesome wedding at The Country Loft in Woodbury was ridiculously fun. Even with a little drizzle (which has happened at EVERY wedding video I’ve done this year…) the day never stopped being completely magical.


• • •

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