Dan & Maddie’s Wedding at Skytop Lodge

October 28, 2015

The blog continues with Dan & Maddie. This wedding could not have been more beautiful and picturesque. The day before it had rained non-stop, and when I arrived at this awesome Skytop Lodge Wedding the skies were blue as ever and there was no sign of precipitation.

Dan & Maddie had a beautiful day planned out with their families and friends. Lots of fun and silliness ensued throughout the day. Their ceremony as you can see was at the perfect time and helped me create some of my favorite images. There was so much light and color (basically my favorite things).  Later in the evening we went up to the roof and took a few portraits. Overall a fantastic day. Pick your favorite image below. 🙂

skytop lodge wedding groomsmen and father skytop lodge courtyard wedding 05-skytop-lodge-wedding bridal portrait at skytop lodge wedding 07-skytop-lodge-wedding 08-skytop-lodge-wedding 09-skytop-lodge-wedding mother and son hugging at skytop lodge wedding sunset at skytop lodge wedding 12-skytop-lodge-wedding 13-skytop-lodge-wedding 14-skytop-lodge-wedding 15-skytop-lodge-wedding 16-skytop-lodge-wedding wedding at skytop lodge 18-skytop-lodge-wedding 19-skytop-lodge-wedding 20-skytop-lodge-wedding the view from the top of skytop lodge wedding 22-skytop-lodge-wedding 23-skytop-lodge-wedding 24-skytop-lodge-wedding 25-skytop-lodge-wedding 26-skytop-lodge-wedding 27-skytop-lodge-wedding 28-skytop-lodge-wedding 29-skytop-lodge-wedding 30-skytop-lodge-wedding 31-skytop-lodge-wedding 32-skytop-lodge-wedding