096: Evolving as Creators with Adonye Jaja & Levi Tijerina of Blacklight Podcast

March 11, 2020

evolving as creators blacklight podcast

Evolving as Creators with Adonye Jaja & Levi Tijerina of Blacklight Podcast

Do you ever wonder how your favorite photographers got where they are?  Adonye Jaja and Levi Tijerina of Blacklight Podcast share how they started evolving as creators and what they do to stay creative.

Evolving as Creators

  • Imposter syndrome only exists when you’re not trying to be who you truly are.
  • Effort beats talent every day.  How bad do you want this?
  • Are your photos that you’re putting on display showing who you are as an artist and person?
  • Think about how you want your work to feel.  How would you want your work to feel if it was music?
  • Everyone shoots and sees things in a different way – this will all speak to a different type of client.
  • There’s a season for photographers, and we have to work hard to extend that season.
  • Associates can be a good option to add longevity to your career.
  • There are photographers in their 50s still shooting.  The old guard of gatekeepers are changing.
  • The way people are receiving work is changing.  Everyone has the opportunity to have a voice.
  • Feel comfortable to something that feels like a passion, that might feel like it might not get the best reaction.

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