What are your rates?

For details on packages, co-photographers, and engagement sessions shoot me a quick email using the Contact Page. 🙂

Do you have any limits on coverage time or the number of photos taken on the wedding day?

Never any limit on photos taken. I offer a base package with 8 hours of coverage and two other packages with no time limits. As Jason Mraz says: “I’m Yours” (obviously in a different context). 🙂

How many photos do we get?

I typically deliver between 70-100 photos per hour of wedding coverage.

Do you travel?

Absolutely. Don’t let distance cause you to hesitate one bit. I’ve shot in 10 different countries and 49 states (Looking at YOU Alaska!) for clients and love new scenery! We can even work on logistics of costs together.

How do we book & pay?

Once details are finalized, you’ll be able to sign a digital contract and submit payment online.

Are all of our photos edited?

Of course! Color, exposure, and composition will be customized just for you with the Mason Photography look and feel you’ve grown accustomed to seeing. I can also recommend a retoucher if you’d like something cosmetically changed.

Do you provide a print and distribution release?

Absolutely! You can print your photos wherever you want and you can distribute them around the internet too (Facebook, e-mail, Instagram, etc.). You just aren’t able to sell them. Technically they’re still “owned” by me, but again you’re welcome to use them as much as you’d like. Prints from my studio are available for purchase as well if you want to guarantee quality.

How do we receive our photos?

You’ll receive fully processed high-resolution JPEG images 1-month after your wedding via an online gallery (#NerdAlert!). The gallery provides a place for you and family to order professional prints as well as have access to your photos around the world! You may also download these files too!

Do you take wedding day family portraits?

Of course! These are special, whether it’s just immediate family, or a 200-person group shot (true story!).

Can my uncle take photos during my wedding ceremony?

Personally, I want my uncle to be watching me get married and participating in the day but that’s up to you!

Do you have insurance?

Sure do. Let me know if your venue needs my info.

What equipment do you use?

Professional Nikon Full-Frame cameras and lenses.

Is this your real job?


I’m a photographer and you seem cool. Can I shoot/assist with you sometime?

Lets do it! Often times I need assistance on shoots and I mention those on Instagram. I also offer photography lessons, just use the Contact section of my website to arrange a lesson.