Favorite 2015 Images

January 7, 2016

Here are some of my favorite 2015 images. 2015 was better than I could have asked or imagined!washington-dc-wedding-best-of-2015

2015 was an absolutely incredible year. I traveled to 3 different countries, flew over 40 thousand miles, and drove almost 30 thousand. All while meeting and photographing the BEST clients any wedding photographer could ask for. When I think of why I take photos, it’s not to solely make art or something pretty, but it’s much more simple than that for me. I take photos of things people care about. Sometimes that “people” is me, other times it’s my fantastic wedding or corporate clients. That’s why anyone takes photos, because they care.

I couldn’t fit every photo I took this year in this post, but I shared what means a lot to me, the images I took that I keep looking back on and don’t ever want to forget. I made a little fun story, so here goes and read between the images!

I started off the year by photographing NCC Worship‘s album cover for their new album You Alone


Then I turned 26 and I had never had a birthday party. So 100+ people showed up and we took silly photos. It was great. 2-2015-dc-birthday

Afterwards I flew to Texas to do a bunch of corporate headshots, I love her smile

Then it was to Pennsylvania to photograph Casey & Gary’s snowy wedding at Normandy Farm. It was cold but great!Normandy Farm Wedding in the snow by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Adam Mason

I left the cold of Pennsylvania for the warmth of Maui, stayed on a tortoise and bird refuge. That’s where I met my friend “Arty” who’s portrait is below. He’s 150lbs and super friendly!

But no more time for animals, I had to photograph Eric Jr and Rebecca’s Maui Engagement6-Bride-and-groom-in-maui

Then their GORGEOUS wedding during sunset at Merriman’s. This photo is when I got featured on Huffington Post (the first time). 2015 was getting off to a great start!Maui Sunset wedding at Merrimans by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Adam Mason

After that, it was back to Old Towne Alexandria to photograph Nic & Sneha.

And I photographed Hannah, Adam, and Audrey on the national mall in Washington DC. 8-DC-family-photos-on-national-mall

But then I photographed Henry at a park in DC. He just turned 1!9-creative-family-portrait

And things got a little crazy when I photographed University of Maryland graduates who wanted to remember their time in college!double exposure by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Adam Mason

But it was time to leave, this time for Iceland with 10 strangers!visiting thingviller in iceland by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Adam Mason

The weather was moody and the country is gorgeous. I’ll be back next week (no joke)!
skogafoss wedding by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Adam Mason

But Iceland was for 48 hours, then back to DC to tell the story of Sawyer, the miracle. dc family photos in 2015

And I visited Brian & Laurie in Takoma Park. The neighborhood is the coolest!Takoma park engagement by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Adam Mason 2015 takoma park engagement

Then Andrew and Kristen came down to DC for some BonChon wings, Founding Farmers, and their engagement session at the National Gallery of Art! 2015 continued to be great!dc engagement at national gallery of art by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Adam Mason 17-engagement-session-in-smithsonian-garden

After that, it was Ken’s turn in front of the camera for me trying out some new techniques. 18-brenizer-business-portrait

Then I went back to Pennsylvania to photograph my buddy Silas and his parents. They’re fun.

Then I went to New Jersey, where I photographed JJ & Allie’s wedding. This is Allie at her favorite pizza shop. She’s not smiling because of the flowers, but thinking “Mmmmm. Pizza”.
2015 princeton wedding

Six days later I left for Bolivia, where I backpacked 40 miles in 3 days. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life and it took a great team.  The photos were for an adventure therapy group who helps orphans find community, overcome obstacles, and learn how to have fun.
hiking toro toro with travel photographer by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Adam Mason 21E-toro-toro-bolivia-hiking-tour

The Bolivia team then went to Peru to hike Machu Picchu but I had to fly back to photograph Andrew and Kristen’s wedding at Coleman Chapel in Pennsylvania.
coleman chapel wedding inside by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Adam Mason

And Andrew’s tears when Kristen walked down the aisle made everyone else tear up. groom crying by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Adam Mason

Seven days later, I was in Guatemala for my second time. Documenting for Champions in Action. It was hot and our soccer team wasn’t very good, but the kids were joyful!
22-soccer-in-guatemala-village 23-2015-in-review 24-champions-in-action

I flew back from Guatemala, got some rest and photographed Brian & Laurie’s wedding. We took a few portraits in Chinatown DC. No one was hurt.
dc chinatown chinese wedding by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Adam Mason

But the next day it was off on my road trip with Dennis and Paul. I needed to visit 9 more states (NM, NV, WY, MT, SD, ND, CO, NE, UT in case you’re wondering) to get to 49 states visited (Anyone want to go to Alaska?). I saw some of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. I even made a few videos about it.35-sunset-at-horseshoe-bend-grand-canyon36-visit-zion-national-park-in-summer

The stars over the Grand Tetons from Jackson Lake. Incredible.

Then I took a self portrait so I could remember the wonder I felt seeing the milky way. milky way portrait by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Adam Mason

But after the road trip it was back to work! I Courteney and Tim had the cutest first look at the National Arboretum in DC!national arboretum first look by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Adam Mason

And Lisa and Stephen were pumped about tying the knot at Harbourtowne Resort in St.Michaels. 32-harbourtowne-resort-wedding

So was this woman!33-emotional-mom-hugging-son-at-wedding

Fire!!! Kind of. harbourtowne resort in st michaels wedding by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Adam Mason

And it was back to my home state of Delaware to photograph Ricky and Theresa’s engagement at Fisherman’s Wharf. Good times!39-nautical-engagement-in-lewes-delaware

Then it was back up to Pennsylvania again to a farm that had no address, and Heather waited behind a curtain before her husband John would see her in her wedding dress. creative first look of bride by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Adam Mason

Heather is a musician, so put her ring in a piano. 40E-Piano-Ringshot-at-wedding

Then I drove down to North Carolina for a beach wedding, except Mother Nature had other ideas. Billy & Kari were troopers and knew this would be a story to tell their kids and grandkids someday!41-bride-and-groom-wedding-in-hurricane

And more driving. This time back to Pennsylvania to photograph my first Bat Mitzvah in Philadelphia. It was fun!43-philadelphia-batmitzvah-photographer

But of course, 2 days later I flew to Orlando to photograph Jenn and Juan at Disney World. We did their engagement in Magic Kingdom. 44-engagement-in-magic-kingdom

And again, another guy crying equals another photographer (me!) crying. Love these authentic moments. groom in military uniform first look by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Adam Mason

And this cute couple. I think this is what the couple from Disney Pixar’s UP! would look like if they were real people. 46-cute-old-couple-at-up-wedding

Speaking of the movie UP!, Jenn and Juan’s wedding was UP! themed. Juan’s mother made all the decorations by hand. 47-UP-themed-wedding-reception-disney

5 hours after finishing that wedding, I flew to Chicago to photograph Caroline and Paul on a cloudy but fun day. We ate pizza (Both Giordano’s and Lou Malnati’s for those wondering). Can’t wait for their wedding this year!48-chicago-skyline-engagement-at-planetarium

I came back to DC and had a few days off before heading to Saint Clements Castle for Stephen and Amber’s wedding. Their engagement session was at a castle as well. 49-saint-clements-castle-wedding

Then I went to Skytop Lodge in Pennsylvania to photograph Maddie and Brian’s amazing outdoor wedding. Outdoor weddings are my favorite!49A-skytop-lodge-wedding-ceremony

After that (yes, October was nuts) I went to Nassau Valley Vineyards in Delaware to hangout with Sean & “Awesome” Rachael. Again, outdoor ceremony was gorgeous.
49B-nassau-valley-vineyards-delaware-wedding Nassau valley vineyards delaware wedding by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Adam Mason

They had bubble machines on the dance floor, I tried my best to stay dry. 49D-nassau-valley-vineyards-wedding-reception

Afterwards 5 days later I went to Baltimore and photographed my first wedding at a museum. Kris and Emily were swingdancers in college and had a Gatsby themed wedding at the Baltimore Museum of Industry on the Inner Harbor. Incredible!50-baltimore-museum-of-industry-wedding-portrait wedding portrait at baltimore museum of industry by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Adam Mason baltimore inner harbor wedding dominos sugar sign by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Adam Mason

Then Nic & Sneha tied the knot at West Belmont Place in Virginia. Lots of bright colors and lots of love. 50D-west-belmont-place-indian-wedding-national-conference-center-virginia

And bling!51-indian-wedding-jewelry

Oh, and the choreographed dance Sneha’s sister put on as a gift. Amazing!52-choreographed-wedding-dance

Every wedding has those people who sing “Don’t Stop Believin”. Gotcha!53-dont-stop-believing-singers-at-wedding

Then it was back to Pennsylvania for a quick engagement session with Rachel and Joey! So sweet. 55-2015-in-review

Then back to DC for family photos on the Capitol lawn. We lucked out with amazing light!58-family-photos-at-capitol

Then on Halloween, I celebrated by heading to West Virginia to photograph Chelsea and AJ at Coopers Rock. We also shot at WVU, where they met. 60-coopers-rock-engagement-at-wvu 59-wvu-engagement

Two weeks off and it was down to Athens Georgia for Mat and Ann’s super cute wedding at the UGA Botanical Gardens. 61-UGA-gardens-wedding uga gardens wedding by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Adam Mason

Mat sang Ann a song at the wedding, but then also did a whole verse in Mandarin for Ann’s family. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room! You can read more about the story on Facebook63-groom-singing-mandarin-song-to-bride-at-uga-gardens

Of course I flew back to DC and photographed Jason and Becca’s engagement party at Sonoma in DC. Pretty sure they’re in love 🙂

And after Thanksgiving, I was in New York City to photograph the Charity:water ball where I met some heroes of mine. The event raised 2.5 Million for clean water around the world! You can see more from the charity:water ball here69-tony-hawk-at-charity-water-ball 70-jeremy-cowart-and-wife

My buddy Branden Harvey being positive and having fun!71-branden-harvey-snapchatting-event 72-virtual-reality-at-charity-water-ball

But alas, it was time for my last wedding before 2016 and it was a cute one. Ryan and Sylvia met in elementary school on the school bus. After their wedding we got in a yellow school bus and had a fun celebratory ride. From kids on the bus to husband and wife. That’s why I take photos. bridal party on schoolbus by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Adam Mason 74-dc-bride-and-groom-with-photographer-at-jammin-java

If you’ve made it this far, THANK YOU. Seriously I have the best clients in the world and I can only hope 2016 will be even better. If you are getting married and want someone to take photos that you know cares about you and your legacy, I’d love to meet with you. No matter where or when your wedding is, I’ll shoot it. Contact Me.

Here’s to 2015!