Wolf Trap Virginia Wedding: Ryan & Sylvia in Vienna

January 5, 2016

Ryan & Sylvia’s wedding was my last one of 2015 but definitely not the least! Ok, that was cheesy but they had their first look at Wolf Trap in Vienna! Wolf Trap is an awesome concert venue so it makes sense that Ryan & Sylvia, who love music would have their cold but sweet first look there. The sun was out, so portraits were made!

They met in elementary school, so after their ceremony, we got on a yellow school bus and took some portraits! We headed down to their high school as well, got inside (yeah, even during Winter Break!) and took some fun portraits in there as well. You can read more of their story from their engagement session in Herndon.

Anyway, Ryan & Sylvia’s wedding was incredible. Their friends and family love them, they love each other, and they love experiencing life together. The ceremony had some technical hiccups, and they were laid back and laughed about it. After the ceremony we headed down to Jammin Java where we danced and took really cool portraits in the bathroom (I promise, you’ll see).

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