Iceland in 48 Hours

May 13, 2015

This is year is becoming quite the fun one when it comes to travel. Texas, Normandy Farms, Maui, and now ICELAND. Now if you’re looking for the normal beautiful couple inside of an awesome wedding venue blog post, skip this one for now! This is a post completely devoted to the quick two day trip I had in Iceland this past weekend.

Two days in Iceland, why? Well, oddly enough through a random Facebook friend (we’re better friends now!), I heard about the inexpensive flights to Reykjavik from BWI. 13 of us went. I was a wedding photographer in Iceland, but with no wedding! It was simply a personal trip to view and enjoy the beautiful landscapes Iceland has to offer.

We landed in Reykjavik at 5AM their time, got in our rental cars, pulled out our printed directions and headed out to complete an action-packed portion of Iceland’s Golden Circle. It wasn’t a terribly difficult drive, other than fighting (and losing at) the sudden urge to stop every 5 minutes and take a photo of the gorgeous scenery from the road. We hit a bunch of the normal tourist stops like Pingvellir National ParkGeysir Hot SpringsGullfoss, and Seljalandsfoss. I’m thinking of starting a comedy routine where it’s just me trying to pronounce all of those names while eating fish or something. We ended the day with one of Iceland’s secret pools which was built in 1923. It was amazing and definitely a treat if you can find it.

The next day we spent the morning on a whale-watching tour which is where that hilarious selfie is from (for an even more funny version, click here, walking in downtown Reykjavik and exploring the Hallgrimskirkja Lutheran church. The sun didn’t set until about 11:20PM so we definitely had full days!

During the morning after before our flight back to the US, we stopped by the Blue Lagoon for about two hours.

Overall it was a great trip and I’d highly recommend visiting. If you go, I’d be happy to come along and be your tour guide. Or, if you’re lucky enough to get married in Iceland, I’d be happy to be your wedding photographer.


inside reykjavik airport 2_Wedding-Photographer-in-Iceland rental car in Iceland 4_Wedding-Photographer-in-Iceland creative portrait in iceland 6_Wedding-Photographer-in-Iceland 7_Wedding-Photographer-in-Iceland 8_Wedding-Photographer-in-Iceland epic thingviller iceland portrait 10_Wedding-Photographer-in-Iceland thingviller iceland 12_Wedding-Photographer-in-Iceland 13_Wedding-Photographer-in-Iceland 14_Wedding-Photographer-in-Iceland geysir in icelandGeyser in Iceland 19_Wedding-Photographer-in-Iceland gulfoss waterfall in iceland 21_Wedding-Photographer-in-Iceland 22_Wedding-Photographer-in-Iceland 23_Wedding-Photographer-in-Iceland 24_Wedding-Photographer-in-Iceland skogafoss 26_Wedding-Photographer-in-Iceland secret pool in Iceland whale watcher in iceland 29_Wedding-Photographer-in-Iceland iceland walking tour 31_Wedding-Photographer-in-Iceland 32_Wedding-Photographer-in-Iceland Hallgrimskirkja in Iceland 34_Wedding-Photographer-in-Iceland rooftop iceland view 36_Wedding-Photographer-in-Iceland Inside of Hallgrimskirkja church