University of Maryland Graduation: 2015 Graduates

May 22, 2015

Had the pleasure of photographing Kelsey, Taylor, Madeleine, Nicole, and Lisa on Wednesday morning for the University of Maryland Graduation. They contacted me a few weeks back asking for some memorable photos of them around campus with their favorite friends. What an awesome idea! We shot early on the campus of UMD and there weren’t too many people. Graduation was not that long ago for me so it was nostalgic to be on such a beautiful campus hanging with great people. Towards the end we even got to do some artistic stuff which was fun! Enjoy and congratulations to the class of 2015 at University of Maryland!
University of Maryland Mall students on UMD mall UMD graduate photo 04-university-of-maryland-graduation-photos Nikon d750 dynamic range 06-university-of-maryland-graduation-photos 07-university-of-maryland-graduation-photos 08-university-of-maryland-graduation-photos 09-university-of-maryland-graduation-photos 10-university-of-maryland-graduation-photos 11-university-of-maryland-graduation-photos double exposure of a woman 13-university-of-maryland-graduation-photos