International: Exploring Guatemala

October 6, 2015

This summer was fantastic and it was full of traveling. The best part about it was using my camera to tell stories of people who on this blog and the internet as a whole, we may not see much of.

In July, I was able to attend a Champions in Action soccer camp through @AONEEIGHT and work with their team there. I wasn’t specifically there to create images but to invest in the kids and mentorships there. Camp is a unique place for a lot of the kids and we wanted to do our best to let them know they were special and awesome.

Champions in Action’s goal (pun!) is to connect disadvantaged youth to life-changing mentors through soccer and with that there’s lots of training on the beautiful campus where the Guatemala National Champions (The Cremas) practice. We also spent time hanging with the kids and mentors, and visited Antigua on our last day. Here’s a few of my favorites.

For more information on Champions in Action visit

01-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 02-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 03-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 04-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 05-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 06-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 07-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 08-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 09-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 10-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 11-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 12-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 13-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 14-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 15-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 16-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 17-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 18-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 19-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 20-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 21-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 22-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 23-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 24-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 25-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 26-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 27-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 28-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 29-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 30-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 31-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 32-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 33-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 34-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 35-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 36-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 37-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 38-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 39-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 40-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 41-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 42-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 43-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 44-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 45-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 46-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 47-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 48-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 49-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 50-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 51-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring 52-Guatemala-El-Farro-Antigua-exploring


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