Lancaster Family Portrait: The Irvins

August 5, 2014

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing one of my favorite Lancaster families, The Irvins. I met Chris and Allison about 2 years ago while I was shooting for an event called ZETEO. At that time they only had one amazing daughter, Olivia. Since then they’ve added two more stunning gals to the clan! The great thing about Lancaster is that there is actually space to photograph people (unlike DC) so we were able to do everything in their backyard! Here are some of my favorites! lancaster-pa-family-portrait-photographer-1 lancaster-pa-family-portrait-photographer-2 lancaster-pa-family-portrait-photographer-6 lancaster-pa-family-portrait-photographer-7 lancaster-pa-family-portrait-photographer-8 lancaster-pa-family-portrait-photographer-9 lancaster-pa-family-portrait-photographer-10 lancaster-pa-family-portrait-photographer-10E lancaster-pa-family-portrait-photographer-11 lancaster-pa-family-portrait-photographer-12 lancaster-pa-family-portrait-photographer-13