Juan & Jennifer’s Magical Wedding at Disney World

October 20, 2015

Two weeks ago I flew to Orlando Florida to join my friends Juan and Jennifer for their engagement and wedding at Walt Disney World. I’ve never been to Walt Disney World so it was very exciting and fresh for me. It truly is a magical place, so of course that’s where two former Disney World employees would have their engagement session and their wedding.

For their wedding, we started off at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Being a Disney novice, this was incredible as you’d think. Animals right outside the rooms where Juan and Jennifer were getting ready? So neat! After that we went back to the Boardwalk Resort for an awesome first look (see below). After the ceremony we walked around and took a few more couple photos of just Juan and Jennifer. Almost every minute we would get stopped and Juan would get thanked for his service in the military (Juan is a medic in the United States Army. Fun fact: He was in West Africa helping treat the Ebola breakout last year!). It was very cool and made the day extra special.

Later on we’d head to their awesome reception which had the theme from the movie UP! I love Pixar so this was especially cool and all of the props were handmade by members of their families. Dancing, food, and fun times happened after that.

Also, the DJ did something completely unique to any wedding I’ve ever photographed. For the last song, he asked everyone in the room to leave except Juan and Jennifer so their last dance, and new moments as husband and wife could be started with just them. It was so cool, emotional, and made for a sweet photo (see below).

Enough talking, now do some blog stalking below!

You can see their engagement session here: Juan & Jennifer’s Walt Disney World Engagement


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