Saint Clements Castle Wedding: Stephen & Amber

October 22, 2015

Hello October (I’m aware we’re almost to November). Lots of weddings this month but each of them super special. How special? Well Stephen & Amber’s wedding last week was in a CASTLE, Saint Clements Castle to be precise. You may remember their engagement session was in a castle as well.

When I sent Stephen & Amber their questionnaire to get a few more details about their wedding, under the “Will you guys be doing a first look?” question Amber replied “No way in hell”. I’ve never laughed so hard when a couple filled out a form but that was awesome. I knew the day would be special and intimate. The whole day the weather really left a lot to be desired but Amber and her 9 bridesmaids stayed positive. Everyone was equal parts goofy and sentimental and getting to be with them on their big day was truly an honor. Their ceremony had tons of people there and yet it still felt incredibly intimate.

The Bridal Party surprise dance to kickoff the reception was a ton of fun as well and started off the night right. Take a look at some of my favorites:

saint-clements-castle-wedding-1 saint-clements-castle-wedding-2 saint clements castle in the fall saint-clements-castle-wedding-4 saint-clements-castle-wedding-5 saint-clements-castle-wedding-6 saint-clements-castle-wedding-7 saint-clements-castle-wedding-8 saint-clements-castle-wedding-9 saint-clements-castle-wedding-10 bridal portrait at saint clements castle bridal portrait at saint clements castle saint-clements-castle-wedding-13 saint-clements-castle-wedding-14 wedding at saint clements castle saint-clements-castle-wedding-16 saint-clements-castle-wedding-17 saint-clements-castle-wedding-18 saint-clements-castle-wedding-19 saint-clements-castle-wedding-20 saint-clements-castle-wedding-21 saint-clements-castle-wedding-22 saint-clements-castle-wedding-23 saint clements castle decorations saint-clements-castle-wedding-25 saint-clements-castle-wedding-26 saint-clements-castle-wedding-27 saint-clements-castle-wedding-28 candid wedding photos saint-clements-castle-wedding-30 saint-clements-castle-wedding-31 saint-clements-castle-wedding-32 bridal party first dance saint-clements-castle-wedding-34 saint-clements-castle-wedding-35 saint-clements-castle-wedding-36 saint-clements-castle-wedding-37 saint-clements-castle-wedding-38 saint-clements-castle-wedding-39 saint-clements-castle-wedding-40 saint-clements-castle-wedding-41 saint-clements-castle-wedding-42 saint-clements-castle-wedding-43 saint-clements-castle-wedding-44 mother of the groom dancing bridesmaid catching the bouquet saint-clements-castle-wedding-47 saint-clements-castle-wedding-48 saint-clements-castle-wedding-49 saint-clements-castle-wedding-50 saint-clements-castle-wedding-51 saint-clements-castle-wedding-52 saint-clements-castle-wedding-53 saint-clements-castle-wedding-54 saint-clements-castle-wedding-55 saint-clements-castle-wedding-56 saint-clements-castle-wedding-57 saint-clements-castle-wedding-58 saint-clements-castle-wedding-59 saint-clements-castle-wedding-60 disney details at wedding


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