105: Mastering Drone Photography with Matt Borowick

mastering drone photography matt borowick

Drone photography is a relatively new concept, but is growing faster than some thought imaginable.  Matt Borowick is a successful drone pilot who’s done drone work all over the world.  Today on the Bearded Tog, Matt talks staying safe with your drone, how to have a successful career doing what you love, and even what you should say to yourself if you crash!

Mastering Drone Photography with Matt Borowick

  • Matt is now a full time drone pilot, but he started out in a celebrity photography as a paparazzi type photographer.
  • Connections are important for all facets of the photography industry.
  • COVID-19 has affected drone photography because people can’t travel or gather.
  • You have to be careful when flying a drone and traveling with it.  If you are going to fly in a city, respect their rules.

Some Basic Tips for Mastering Drone Photography

  • Stay under 400 feet.
  • Don’t fly your drone near an airport.
  • Try to avoid people with your drone.
  • You need a waiver to fly at night.  In general, this can be extremely dangerous and shouldn’t be done alone.
  • Safety is important!  Come up with all worst case scenarios and have a plan.
  • Because drones get such a new perspective, you can create something really cool for people to see.  They allow you to set a new standard for your clients.
  • It’s helpful to have a goal for what you shoot and want to shoot, especially when you travel.

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