104: Instagram Tricks You Don’t Know with Rebekah Viola

instagram tips you didn't know from rebekah viola

Instagram Tricks You Don’t Know

  • Getting comfortable on Instagram stories can be intimidating, but the connections that it can bring are crazy.
  • Show up for your clients every single day – it brings trust, community, and relationship.
  • Show both your personal and professional life.  Find the balance but don’t over think it.
  • Ask yourself, what inspires me today?  What’s inspiring me to show up?
  • Don’t abuse swipe up!  If you have it, use it strategically.  You don’t have to always “say” swipe up, you can just make it an option for your audience.
  • Micro blog posts are trending.  Educate in your captions.
  • If you add value like wedding education to your posts, people can share it and it will go far.
  • Video is trending!  As a photographer, think of how you can make videos and make video content.
  • Instagram is evolving every day, are you evolving or getting ahead of the curve?
  • Go SO HARD on your brand to stand out!  The more that you can create your brand, the more people will keep coming back.
  • Rebekah’s favorite apps: Later, Over, VideoLeap
  • Dig a little!  Go to the location of weddings you shoot, and comment on photos from that venue.
  • Tag EVERYONE!  Every single vendor, every single time you post.
  • Make sure you’re posting a lot from your favorite venues.  When a couple goes to search for the venue, you’ll be everywhere!
  • If you use TAVE, you can have the vendors auto-sent to you.

More Instagram Tricks

  • Tag vendors in every single story!  If you tag them in one story it’s easier to tag them in the next.
  • Don’t post and ghost!  Go engage, have fun, and connect.

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