Scranton Wedding Photography: John & Heather

September 21, 2015

Every once in a while there’s a wedding that feels more like a super fun family reunion than anything else. I emailed Heather our normal questionnaire that I send to brides a few weeks before the wedding and in the address section for the ceremony location she simple wrote “I’ll text you a pin”, which to me meant “This place doesn’t have an address, but it’ll be special”.

I was right.

John and Heather are the epitome of that cute couple that once they each other can’t stop smiling, giggling, and kissing. It’s incredibly heartfelt and makes for some great images. Their original first look with the barn was awesome, their families loving them the entire day was great, and the custom ceremony look was perfect. Loved it! Here’s a few of my favorites from their big day.

01-Scranton-Wedding-Photograpy 02-Scranton-Wedding-Photograpy 03-Scranton-Wedding-Photograpy 04-Scranton-Wedding-Photograpy 05-Scranton-Wedding-Photograpy 06-Scranton-Wedding-Photograpy 07-Scranton-Wedding-Photograpy 08-Scranton-Wedding-Photograpy 09-Scranton-Wedding-Photograpy 10-Scranton-Wedding-Photograpy 11-Scranton-Wedding-Photograpy 12-Scranton-Wedding-Photograpy 13-Scranton-Wedding-Photograpy 14-Scranton-Wedding-Photograpy 15-Scranton-Wedding-Photograpy 16-Scranton-Wedding-Photograpy 17-Scranton-Wedding-Photograpy 18-Scranton-Wedding-Photograpy 19-Scranton-Wedding-Photograpy 20-Scranton-Wedding-Photograpy 21-Scranton-Wedding-Photograpy 22-Scranton-Wedding-Photograpy 23-Scranton-Wedding-Photograpy 24-Scranton-Wedding-Photograpy 25-Scranton-Wedding-Photograpy 26-Scranton-Wedding-Photograpy 27-Scranton-Wedding-Photograpy 28-Scranton-Wedding-Photograpy 29-Scranton-Wedding-Photograpy 30-Scranton-Wedding-Photograpy 31-Scranton-Wedding-Photograpy 32-Scranton-Wedding-Photograpy 33-Scranton-Wedding-Photograpy 34-Scranton-Wedding-Photograpy 35-Scranton-Wedding-Photograpy 36-Scranton-Wedding-Photograpy 37-Scranton-Wedding-Photograpy 38-Scranton-Wedding-Photograpy

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