Three Roots International in Ethiopia

November 9, 2016

One of my absolute favorite things about my job is that sometimes it includes visiting other countries and getting to document people and cultures. It’s not just the wanderlust that these moments fulfill, but the opportunity to use my camera as a megaphone for the things I care about. This particular trip was in this past July with Three Roots International in Ethiopia.

Three Roots International is an organization that aims to assist not just individuals but families and communities through improving  education, medical care and economic opportunity in areas that are extremely lacking in those three areas. On this particular trip, my focus was documenting children & families from the primary village they serve, as well as teachers from the local school.

Many organizations in the world are doing incredibly selfless work, but in our media-loving culture lack the visual narrative to both attract new supporters and solidify the work being done to current supporters. With Three Roots International, the goal was to give them an entirely new refreshed look and huge stock library of images to use for everything from Instagram posts to their annual report. I shot a TON of images, but it was super fun and so worth it. Here are a few favorites from my time in Ethiopia with Three Roots International.

If you’d like to get involved in donating to Three Roots International or seeing how you can help in Ethiopia, visit their website here:

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