081: Conquering Self Doubt with Phil Chester

April 10, 2019

conquering self doubt phil chester

Conquering Self Doubt with Phil Chester

How do we keep challenging ourselves to be more creative and make work that really resonates with us rather than the work we make on autopilot? Often times, it’s a battle against fear and scarcity mindset to make that shift.

With practice, time, and the right motivation Portland Wedding Photographer Phil Chester lets us in on how those factors can help us innovate into the business we want to be. Phil Chester also shares some of his favorite inspirational photographers and his back story as well.

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More from Phil on Conquering Self Doubt

  • Phil moved from Ohio to Portland with nothing booked and three months of savings.  Between investing in ads and investing in people, he began to build a steady career.
  • When first starting out, you’ll make massive progress.  When you’re further along, you have to be more patient through plateaus when progress gets harder.
  • If you’re facing a tough situation, hop on the phone.  Hearing someone’s voice immediately humanizes the situation and is better than email for resolving issues.
  • Post what you want to show.  Push the work you really want to put out there and that you enjoy creating.
  • Know what you like, why you like it, dissect it, and let it inform your work.  Know what you want your work to feel and look like and go for it.
  • If you make your next 9 photos on Instagram things you want to shoot, you’ll be more fulfilled and you’ll shoot more of what you want to shoot.
  • The work you resonate with might not get as many likes as you want, but you have to put that aside and keep posting it.  If you really like it, put it out there and be proud of it!
  • This is your business, not just your self.  Self doubt is not going to make other people confident in your work, either.

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