100: Celebrating 100 Episodes with Special Guests

April 8, 2020

celebrating 100 episodes on the bearded tog

WE DID IT and are Celebrating 100 Episodes of the Bearded Tog!

It’s incredible to me that almost 5 years ago I was in Nashville with one of my good friends and a content creator. Both of them told me to start a podcast but I did not listen. I hesitated.
Who would want to listen to me?
We call that imposter syndrome and I had it BAD.
I waited two years before finally starting The Bearded Tog podcast and now after pushing out 100+ episodes, I couldn’t have imagined what this little podcast could do. I’m so thankful for the opportunities it’s brought. Here are a few of my favorites that I’ve gotten to do because of The Bearded Tog podcast.
  • Mentor dozens of photographers from all over the world in their photography business journeys and seen a real impact in helping them become more fulfilled in who they are and who they’re becoming.
  • Been invited to speak at conferences, workshops, podcasts, and even hosted a few workshops of my own.
  • Meet some of my photography heroes.
It’s been incredible, and I’m so excited about where this is going. During a time like this, there’s so much evidence that we need community and education to help us and I plan on The Bearded Tog doing indefinitely.
It’d mean the world to me if you subscribed and gave our 100th episode a listen. So thankful for you and this cool opportunity.
Keep being awesome.
Enjoy the show notes!

Celebrating 100 Episodes with Special Guests and a Surprise!

Evie Rupp Asked: Based on all of your years of business and running a podcast, what’s the biggest thing you’ve learned?

The idea of running and authentic business and being fulfilled is my number one goal.  Have a mentor!  What do you want to do in the world?

Listen to Evie Rupp’s Episode Here!

Joe Tobiason Asked: What is something that a guest once said that you find yourself quoting?

It’s actions, rather than a quote.  When guests share an episode, it means the world to me.  Joe, a guest on the podcast, sent Adam a film camera to play with.

Listen to Joe Tobiason’s Episode Here!

Max Sadik Asked:  How did you decide you wanted to start a podcast?  How did you persevere through so many episodes?

I used to work for Apple, I had the original iPod.  I love Podcasts.  They were a huge influence on my photography.  I have a hunger to learn and I still listen to 20-30 hours of podcasts a week.  It’s such an authentic way to give a real take and have a conversation with someone.

For every guest that is on the Podcast, we’ve reached out to a lot more!  It’s been a fun journey, but as long as this medium stays alive I’ll keep doing it.

Listen to Max Sadik’s Episode Here!

Joey Wright Asked: What is one of your favorite crazy or embarrassing wedding stories?

A:  I used to split my pants at weddings 2-3 times a year!  I want people to be their truest selves at weddings, and we’ll figure out the aftermath of that together afterwards.

Listen to Joey Wright’s Episode Here!

Pat Furey Asked:  In the past year, what have you found to be a business tip that you’ve benefitted from?  What have you spent your time on that you’d change now?

Authenticity.  The types of weddings you want to be a part of are determined by you.  Everything you put online is determined by you. Our sites are advertising.

Listen to Pat Furey’s Episode Here!

Nathan Holritz Asked:  What do you like to do for fun?

A:  It’s incredible to get to love what you do.  You should set boundaries on yourself.  You need things that fill you up.  I love playing guitar, music, I love my motorcycle.  I’m a big technology nerd, I love TV and movies and being inspired by them.

Listen to Nathan Holritz’s Episode Here!

Hope Taylor Asked:  What’s your most embarrassing podcast moment?

I don’t have one, must mean it’s coming soon!  Maybe mispronouncing names or when I didn’t frame a question well.

Listen to Hope Taylor’s Episode Here!

Announcements from The Bearded Tog

And a big announcement… The Bearded Tog has it’s own WEBSITE!!  You can listen to every episode ever, see links and deals… we are so excited.

Also, I’m going back on Patreon! For $10/month, you can access content directly from Adam on finding your why and more.

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