101: How to Find Inspiration with Fer Juaristi

April 15, 2020

fer juaristi shares how to find inspiration on The Bearded Tog podcast

How to Find Inspiration

Fer Juaristi is an award winning wedding photographer from Mexico.  His work inspires thousands, and he shares how to find inspiration on the Bearded Tog.

  • Movies can be incredible when discovering how to find inspiration, and they happen to be Fer’s favorite place to draw from.
  • Weddings are love and that’s what you have to work to capture – you don’t want to be a monkey just photographing everything as it is!  You want to get past the script and tell a story.  Make it more interesting, childish, obscure, etc.  There are many ways to be creative, find inspiration, and tell a story.
  • You have to be understanding of your own limitations.  Sometimes keeping it simple is important.
  • No matter how good we are, if we don’t find people who relate to our passion, it’s just going to be a basic 9-5.
  • Photography is a luxury.  If you don’t connect with your couple, you’re not going to last long in this industry.
  • You don’t have to put a label on your work too soon.  Sometimes you just need to honor your inspiration and give yourself the freedom to create.
  • Consider following hashtags and exploring photography outside of consuming wedding photos.
  • There’s more ways to show interest than asking questions.  Fer doesn’t spend a ton of time getting to know every detail about his couples, but he feels he doesn’t need to in order to capture their story on the wedding day.

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