144: Branching Out to YouTube with Rally Caps Podcast

February 24, 2021

144: Branching Out to YouTube with Rally Caps Podcast

Branching Out to YouTube

Eric Floberg and Steven Schultz, photographers and YouTube enthusiasts in Chicago, teamed up to create The Rally Caps Podcast. Their goal is to help creative entrepreneurs get serious and build a business that lasts. Their motivation? To help people pivot and diversify their businesses, especially after the year we had in 2020. They also wanted the opportunity to connect with people differently. 

  • Eric thought branching out to YouTube would be more of a marketing tool and couldn’t be a moneymaker. Three years later, he sees value in being a content creator.
  • Eric’s channel is quickly becoming his primary source of income with sponsored deals, getting ad revenue, and seeing how he could become an affiliate for so many brands.
  • Producing a video podcast has many different content facets, and it’s essential to pay close attention to detail. 
  • Working with a creator that you do or don’t know, you have to be willing to put the time in at the start; it’s an investment of your time. 
  • The thumbnail and title of your video are some of the most critical things on YouTube. These help determine where you stand with the algorithm and drives traffic to your video. 
  • YouTube is one of the most powerful platforms for creatives – when you find something that people connect with, they are entertained and engage with your video more. 
  • Algorithmically, it isn’t beneficial to post the podcast content into your channel. 
  • Strategies to implement now? It all comes down to intentionality – Why do you want to this? 
  • Be strategy-focused in the beginning and build, build, build.  

Thought about branching out to YouTube? In this episode, Eric Floberg and Steven Schultz share their plan. Don’t miss it, listen now!


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