152: A Brand Photography Course with Abby Grace

April 27, 2021



I’m so excited to welcome back Abby Grace to the podcast. She’s been busy expanding her family and somewhat changing directions in her photography business, so there’s tons to talk about. For instance, she is quickly becoming a much sought after brand photographer and is teaching others how to approach brand photography in her course. 


Since we last spoke, Abby has become a mom to a wonderful little boy, and it has completely changed her life and priorities. Prior to becoming a mom she worried about how it would affect her business.


What she’s found is that her business has been able to shift and pivot to support her creative needs while still allowing her to be the mom she’s always wanted to be. 


How has she done that? 


For one, she’s shifted into the much less frenetic realm of branding photography. She’s still doing weddings, but she has found a love and passion in helping creative entrepreneurs express their brand and marketing needs visually. 


While she does have her own style of photography, she loves digging in and helping her clients approach their marketing materials in authentic and creative ways.


Listen as she shares how she’s made such big shifts in her business. Plus keep an eye out for when she reopens her brand photography course.



In this episode: 

[01:44] Abby and I chat about her now defunct YouTube channel. 

[04:12] Her thoughts on becoming a mom and how it has changed her life and business. 

[07:06] Just remember not to put a bunch of carts before the horses. Stop putting your life on hold waiting for big life moments. 

[10:28] When you’re planning something big, you can’t live in a suspended state of reality. You have to be able to live in the midst of the mess. 

[14:55] Learn what she has had going on since the last time she was on the podcast and why she’s transitioned to brand photography. 

[23:05] How has her pricing evolved since she’s become more intentional about promoting brand photography? 

[26:40] People equate cost with quality. That is absolutely true of photography. 

[28:32] Why brand photography requires a completely different preparation process. 

[32:56] Upper level goals are extremely important for Abby to generate effective marketing materials. 

[36:34] The difference between luxury and standard photography and why it matters in brand photography. 

[38:52] What it means to be a brand chameleon. 

[40:42] How she thinks of her style versus her clients’ style and why she’s not worried about sharing different kinds of branding aesthetics.

[45:05] Her thoughts on the first steps a photographer should take towards shifting into branding photography.

[46:33] What is the fear or pain point of most high level entrepreneurs when it comes to branding photography? 

[51:11] Abby’s tips for approaching sales both for weddings and for branding shoots. 

[56:00] You can’t sell what you don’t talk about. 

[58:10] Connect with Abby.


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