April 2018 | Monthly Recap

May 4, 2018

Wow, April came and went super fast! I feel like I say that every month, but I think for some of events that happened in April, they’re more special.

We returned from our anniversary in The Bahamas with an inspired itch from a friend to buy a house. We weren’t exactly looking, but we had been hoping and praying about it. I’ve lived in DC for 5 years now, and Sara for 7. With Sara planning to stay for school another 4 years, and my business being somewhat localized, we feel comfortable saying Washington DC is home for the indefinite future!

Trying to honor my Boy Scouts roots and “Be Prepared”, in the airport lounge in Miami we applied for pre-approval to see what our budget could be, as well as what our credits looked like together and all that. We were excited!

A few days after coming home and looking through over 120 Redfin listings, Sara and I went to 7 open houses that Sunday after church. Most of the homes were in neighborhoods that are beautifully and authentically DC. The majority of the population there has been their all of their lives, and is the community Sara and I feel so passionately about serving.

There were big houses, small houses, old houses and homes with new construction. All much larger than our current 945sq.ft apartment. We left the 7th house and headed on our way to finish our normal Sunday routine. In the parking lot of the grocery story, I asked Sara if there were any homes that “felt right”? The 4th or 5th one (I can’t remember) we visited is the one that resonated with both of us the most.

With the DC housing market being the way it is, even though it was a Sunday evening, we knew we had to make an offer. I called our lender and a few agents. None of the agents answered (Sunday, most likely) and one was suggested to us. Like going on a first date and meeting the family all in one day, by 10PM that night we had put our offer in!

From open house to closing, was 19 days which is crazy! We’re thankful for the agents and DC friends that helped everything go so smoothly. We’ve gone through inspection (and the dance back and forth), closing, and have started moving everything in! It’s exciting and terrifying all at the same time! We feel so blessed to even be able to own something, let alone a real house in the city we love. Quick facts, then a photo for ya!

Quick Facts:
• Built in the 70s
• 4 Bedrooms!
• A shorter walk to the metro than Sara has now!
• A driveway (no more spending 45 minutes looking for street parking at 2AM after weddings on weekends!)
• An actual yard! We’ll have to upgrade the weedwacker we have now with a real lawn mower!
• Most importantly, space for friends and family to enjoy and feel welcome!

Aside from a house, other things may pale in comparison but they were still fun! Here are some of the things that happened in April!

Other March things:

barrel room photo ideas at district winery wedding by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Adam Masoncapitol hill wedding portraits at supreme court by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Adam Mason

I can’t believe we had such a crazy month but I can’t wait to see what the rest of 2018 holds for us!

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