July 2018 | Monthly Recap

July 30, 2018

July was a good but tough month! I’ve missed Sara and am glad to have her home! During her entire 6 week program, I probably saw her less than 48 hours. Crazy!

Since living in DC, it’s always been a fun “local” thing to see where everyone watches fireworks from. There are so many different celebrations happening around the area, that at any given time there are 25-40 fireworks going off in and around the city. If you’re on a building tall enough, you can see them all and it’s a unique city experience. I’ve watched from rooftops and harbors, but this time a friend of ours (Jaclyn!) and photographer for the Smithsonian got us on the roof of the Smithsonian Museum of American History!!! It was incredible and we got to see the official fireworks on the National Mall, as well as others happening in Maryland and Virginia!

One thing I’m working on, slowly but surely is my health. I’m the last person I think I need to take care of and although that may seem noble I’m learning that’s not what’s best for me and my family long term. I’ve been slowly transitioning into doing the Ketogenic diet and learning more about my body. I received a DEXA scan which tells me the fat, muscle and bone makeup of my body. It was super informative and also gave me much more insight than I had thought of! Fun fact: Just my bones and muscle right now weigh 190lbs! Now we just need to cut down the fat 🙂 I have another scan scheduled in December and hope to make progress before then!

Of course, we had our monthly #MasonMovieNight and had a plethora of new folks there! The goal is just to invite people to a standing date each month where anyone can invite anyone and relax! This time we watched A Quiet Place. Great movie but not for those not into thriller/horror. Here’s a photo recreating what happened!

I also got to shoot my first wedding at Herrington On the Bay with Kelly & Aaron! Their wedding was amazing! You can see a sample below:

bride and groom destination maryland waterfront wedding by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Adam Mason

Other July things:

  • Had lunch with my friend Sarah Rassi! We’ve been online friends a while and finally had coffee in person! I loved hearing her story!
  • We celebrated my college friend Jason’s birthday! Proud of this dude!
  • I attended a motorcycle maintenance class at my local motorcycle club. I learned a ton! Taking care of my bike is less about time and more about getting to know the machine.
  • I got to visit Phoenixville and see my friends Denny and Chrysta, as well as Tim! It was great to be back in the neighborhood where I went to school!
  • Also finished Brene Brown’s The Power of Vulnerability. What an incredibly insightful book.

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