118: Submitting Weddings for Publication Like a Boss with Kristen Green

August 19, 2020

Submitting Weddings for Publication Like a Boss with Kristen Green

Kristen started in the PR and marketing industry, and has developed an entire remote career out of submitting weddings for publication.  She currently runs Published and Pretty, a publishing service that can submit your weddings for you.  Her connections in the industry make outsourcing this side of your business an easy decision!  Because of her connections and industry knowledge, Kristen gets 100% of her submissions featured in online and print publications.

  • Publications want to see the details that make the wedding unique.
  • You need to resize the photos based on their specifications.  You need to pay attention to their submission guidelines.
  • As a service, Kristen takes the submission gallery and re-submits to each publication based on their guidelines.
  • You want the venue to know that you are a true reader and fan of theirs.  You also want to make sure that wedding is a fit.
  • Never shoot for publication purposes only, but keep publications in mind while you work.  Take detail shots both horizontally and vertically.  Don’t just submit a photo in black and white, additionally, make sure there’s a colored version.
  • Publication platforms like Two Bright Lights and Matchology can give you a good option if you want to submit and have limited time or resources.
  • Follow publications on Instagram and see what types of weddings they feature.  Certain publications feature certain types of photography, so you want to make sure you’re focusing on publications that make sense with your style.
  • Engage with publications and comment on the posts.  In addition, be sure to be a loyal follower and engage with them.
  • The submission guidelines are extremely important. Because the publishers time is limited, you want to make sure that you make it as easy as possible for them.
  • Be prepared!

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