Wyndridge Farm Wedding Cost & Info (With Photos!)

August 2, 2016

Even though I normally photograph weddings in the Washington DC area, I’ve had the pleasure of recently photographing a few weddings at the new Wyndridge Farm wedding venue in Dallastown Pennsylvania and it was an incredible wedding venue to shoot at. I know it’s a popular venue, so many prospective couples are looking into Wyndridge Farm Wedding
Cost as well as photos, reviews and information. Hopefully, this page is easy to read, informative and helps in deciding if a Wyndridge Farm wedding is right for your special day!

About Wyndridge Farm Weddings:

There are a few key features that make Wyndridge Farm an incredible place, let alone a wedding venue. First off, it’s location is second to none! In the beautiful rolling hills of South Central Pennsylvania, the brewery/restaurant/wedding venue combo sits on it’s own intimate plot of land that seems like 100s of acres!

Secondly, it’s an incredibly equipped venue for a wedding. There were both rooms for the bride, groom and their respective parties to get ready separately so there’s no chance of seeing each other until the first look or ceremony!

Lastly, Wyndridge Farm is simply beautiful. The wedding ceremonies happen in their own intimate and peaceful place a short walk from the restaurant and it makes you feel like you’re on your own planet. It’s absolutely delightful and perfect for pictures

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bride and groom walking down aisle at sunset during wyndridge farm wedding by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Adam Mason

Quick Facts:

– Outdoor secluded ceremony site
– Craft beer and food on site
– Incredible sunsets, indoor reception area
– Multiple indoor/outdoor areas in case of foul weather

Wyndridge Farm Wedding Cost:

Site Fee: Peak Season starts at $6,500 / Non-Peak starts at $4,500
Dinner: $65-Plated /$59 Buffet

Wyndridge Farm Wedding Ceremony Options:

Having a wedding ceremony at Wyndridge Farm is a delight. The beautiful cabin and chair setup out in the middle of the rolling hills is incredibly peaceful and separated from the rest of the area. Take a look below:

chapel ceremony at wyndridge farm wedding by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Adam Mason

Wyndridge Farm Wedding Reception Options:

Wedding receptions at Wyndridge Farm are incredible! Southeastern Pennsylvania is gorgeous in all 4 seasons and the space at Wyndridge can make any wedding come alive. It’s a large indoor barn-esque environment yet is really classy & nice. There’s plenty of seating, and during the day there’s gorgeous natural light for the ceremony if the weather goes sour. Some reception options for this Dallastown Pennsylvania wedding venue:
reception at wyndridge farm wedding by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Adam Mason reception at wyndridge farm wedding by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Adam Mason reception at wyndridge farm wedding by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Adam Masonwyndridge farm wedding cost

Wyndridge Farm Wedding Review from a Bride!

One of my Wyndridge Farm Wedding Couples, Matt & Allie offered to write a REAL review of their Wyndridge Farm experience to share with you. Here is their review of Wyndridge Farm for their wedding venue:

“I have always been, and always will be picky. From picking out clothes, to which college I was going to attend. No matter what the situation, I could give you a definitive yes or no in a matter of seconds. When it came to wedding venues, it was no different. Matthew and I were living in upstate New York the time of our engagement which forced us to be creative in our wedding venue search. Online searching was our primary way of ruling out venues, and then my mom was the Guinea pig going to venues for us. She helped narrow down a top 5 list for us to go visit one weekend and Wyndridge Farm made it.

Does that even make sense? As a bride-to-be, you develop a vision in your head that clicks when you see it.”

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wyndridge farm brewery wedding hours at sunset by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Adam Mason

Photos From Weddings at Wyndridge Farm

Every Wyndridge Farm Wedding is different and unique based on the wonderful wedding couple. For reference, I’ve provided some more of my favorite Wyndridge Farm Wedding photos below! I have a few more weddings there this year and can’t wait to be back at Wyndridge Farm!

mother helping daughter the bride put on her shoes at wyndridge farm wedding photos by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Adam Mason emotional father dad hugging daughter the bride after father daughter dance at wyndridge farm weddingoutdoor sunset wedding photos at wyndridge farm by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Adam Mason

Visit the Wyndridge Farm website: Wyndrdige Farm Wedding Website
Contact Wyndridge Farm for your wedding: Email Wyndridge Farm’s Wedding Coordinator Shayla

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